Fully Rotational Unit - Video

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  • Fully floating head and tailstock allows for any pipe deflection without damaging threads

  • Fully extendable clamping jaws that grip the machine’s entire pipe range without the requirement to change jaws.

  • Top open Tailstock option allows safe, efficient loading/unloading of tubulars

  • Fully programmable support jacks to ensure pipe alignment

  • Low hydraulic working pressure

  • Electronic control desk

  • Standalone hydraulic powerpack that can be situated outside away from the Torque machine

  • In-house developed software package that conforms to the latest industry regulations

  • 12 month warranty

  • Capable of clamping 2.3/8” diameter upwards

  • Standard Torque ratings up to 100,000 ft lbs for fully floating machines

More Information

The EnerQuip Fully Rotational Torque machine, designed for the ever changing industry requirements offering for more accurate data acquisition, with cost and time savings.
  • ​Low torque ability as standard circa.
  • 100 ft lb. Automated self-levelling tool support jacks
  • Hydraulically fully floating heads – no need for additional utilities i.e. compressed air
  • Multiple graph overlay and make-up trend – instantly highlights any anomalies in make-up